Have You Logged Your 10,000 Hours Yet?

In his book, “Outliers: the Story of Success,” Malcom Gladwell gives us many reasons why success is not purely based on intelligence, ambition and personality traits.  He argues that one’s surroundings, family, generation, upbringing and culture play a major role. In the chapter, “The 10,000-Hour Rule,” Gladwell quotes neurologist Daniel Levitin’s assertion that “ten thousand … More Have You Logged Your 10,000 Hours Yet?

Seasonal Shift

We are not promised one day of our life. Each comes as a gift. Every waking is something of a surprise. Sometimes we wake to clouds and rain. Sometimes it rains for days. We may hesitate to play under heavy clouds, but those darker days are no less gifts than the sunny ones. Water and … More Seasonal Shift

Easy Inspiration

Whether these short little vids encourage you to travel, learn something new, move your body or create… You will definitely feel inspired… 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning … More Easy Inspiration

Grounding in the Elements (Part One) Co-written with Sarah Reese

  Disembarking from the airplane upon our arrival in Athens, we felt a deep craving to take off our shoes and let our puffy, swollen feet hit the earth.  After flying for over 13 hours and running around several airports, our bodies felt as if they had been through a time warp… deeply dehydrated, exhausted … More Grounding in the Elements (Part One) Co-written with Sarah Reese


  July Fourth weekend is always a trip, especially in a city, which I always forget, is such a tourist attraction.  The start of summer accompanied by the long awaited warm weather enticed the masses out to Venice and Santa Monica Beach, urging everyone to play all day and dance all night. I was enticed … More Silence

Rise and SHINE!

I spent Sunday afternoon with my dear friend with whom I grew up.  Our enduring friendship started when we were both eating easily digested mashed foods from glass jars, and progressed through the baloney sandwiches of our childhood and fast foods gobbled down in our cars as we drove to our important teen-aged destinations. My eating … More Rise and SHINE!

The Trials and Tribulations (and sometimes Tears) of Yoga

Om Shanti! These Sanskrit words are sometimes used as an incantation at the beginning of a yoga practice.  The sounds of ‘Om’ resonate and soothe the nervous system.  Shanti is the Sanskrit word for peace, calmness & tranquility. Many hear the word “yoga” and think of Om and Shanti; gentle stretches, sitar and melodic chants … More The Trials and Tribulations (and sometimes Tears) of Yoga