In-Depth Functional Anatomy Workshop

In-Depth Functional Anatomy   Part Two: Shoulder Girdle and Upper Spinal Column Saturday, February 4th 10am-3pm    $45     This course explores musculoskeletal anatomy and basic kinesiology principles—emphasizing the trunk, hip and shoulder girdle—as they relate to the teaching and practice of Pilates, yoga asana, and bodywork. Class is presented in a lecture-style format. … More In-Depth Functional Anatomy Workshop

Boundaries of the Body (and beyond) Lie within the Brain…

  I am intrigued by the power of our brains, so much so that I often discuss it in class and frequently blog about it. I have previously posted about neuroplasticity and the brain’s remarkable ability to actually change, adapting itself to situations that are presented to it. Jill Bolte Taylor‘s experience supports my beliefs … More Boundaries of the Body (and beyond) Lie within the Brain…

Have You Logged Your 10,000 Hours Yet?

In his book, “Outliers: the Story of Success,” Malcom Gladwell gives us many reasons why success is not purely based on intelligence, ambition and personality traits.  He argues that one’s surroundings, family, generation, upbringing and culture play a major role. In the chapter, “The 10,000-Hour Rule,” Gladwell quotes neurologist Daniel Levitin’s assertion that “ten thousand … More Have You Logged Your 10,000 Hours Yet?

Seasonal Shift

We are not promised one day of our life. Each comes as a gift. Every waking is something of a surprise. Sometimes we wake to clouds and rain. Sometimes it rains for days. We may hesitate to play under heavy clouds, but those darker days are no less gifts than the sunny ones. Water and … More Seasonal Shift