BARBARA STAMIS  is the founder of Pilates: Beyond the Method, a  Pilates and movement education studio based in Santa Monica, CA which integrates functional anatomy and biomechanics principles into mind-body fitness. 

Barbara’s depth in understanding human anatomy began while attaining her BFA in dance at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  She immersed herself in a pre-medical cadaver dissection course, while studying movement techniques daily.  Her studying continued while dancing professionally in NYC and especially deepened at the Kane School of Core Integration while working with physical therapist, Nicola Weiner, MSPT, after suffering two spinal disc herniations.  Barbara became certified and later employed through the Kane School under the guidance of Kelly Kane and Renee Jimenez Orona.  She then became a part of the Kane School’s teacher training program, tutoring and mentoring teachers in training.

After leaving NYC, Barbara continued working with physical therapists in Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, Ca., while deepening her yoga practice studying the Iyengar and Anusara methods of yoga.  Always continuing her education, Barbara is currently immersed in the Classical Pilates methodology and archival work.  Barbara’s teaching style works within the traditional method of Pilates and is enhanced by her sound knowledge in joint mechanics, her dance background, exploration in Gyrokinesis, her consistent self practice and manual therapy skills.  She specializes in injury prevention/recovery, chronic pain management and overall fitness.  Barbara is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance and has written for Pilates Style Magazine and Pilates-Pro Online Publication.  

“My goal as a teacher is to move within and “beyond the method,” giving my students tools for healthy, active, and graceful lifestyles outside the studio or off the mat.”

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