Mat is Where the Heart is

March MATness

By Barbara Stamis

Mat class at homeThroughout the month of March we strive to derive more empowerment from Joseph Pilates’ work. We make an effort to connect with our fellow Pilates teachers, push ourselves to explore the Mat work on a daily basis, and encourage Pilates newbies to experience the feeling of a healthy, agile body. March MATness impels us grownups to explore what Pilates really can be: re-connection with the instinctive movements of our childhood. Making a connection to our primitive cores and to those around us who wish to move and heal, we experience and explore movement and health in “the way of the Mat”.

ScoopBecause I teach privately from my home studio, I didn’t think I’d have enough space, but by moving my furniture around, my living room opened up to comfortably accommodate an 8-person Mat class. And, I thought, if I get just one newbie to try Pilates, then I succeed! So, I decided to host a…

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