• The universe of preventative care and healing where we consider the human body to be a whole miraculous machine of interconnected parts
  • The universe where healing outside of quantified data and research happens
  • The universe where we believe that when every expert tells us we will always have back pain, or we will never dance again, or we must have surgery to heal, we choose to believe there is another route, another path and an opportunity to heal against the odds we’re given
  • The universe where we believe that the body and spirit has the miraculous ability to heal itself


  • The other, alternate or parallel universe where diagnosis is the dictator
  • The universe of absolutes.  Formulas that should work for every person and every body exist in this universe.
  • The universe of mainstream medicine

One of my students, inflicted with a damaged ankle, told me that recently she has been feeling that she lives in and out of two universes.  She believes that her body has the miraculous power to heal in undocumented ways.  She feels empowered and aware of parts of her body she never knew existed.  She believes in her inner strength and that every cell and molecule inside and out of her body is connected.

However, after being fitted for necessary ankle stability boots at a prosthetics and orthotics center in Santa Monica, my student began to feel exiled from the Energetic Body Universe.  The consultant had supported the diagnosis her doctor had made. Her ankle was damaged “beyond repair.”  The ligaments were “destroyed.”  He pronounced her quite bow-legged and blankly stared when she informed him that she is now not as bow-legged as she once was.  He told her that she must always wear the pricey boots in order for her ankle to feel stable.  He was matter-of-fact and his comments were absolute.

My client has struggled for many years with severe foot pain and has had several acute left ankle injuries since she was a child.  Her ligaments are damaged and her left ankle and surrounding structures are tight and weak.  However, with dedicated Pilates and bodywork over the past five years, she has seen such great improvement!  The bones in her feet have spread and she is able to stand in neutral foot alignment bearing weight with less pain.  She is vastly improved.  “Damaged beyond repair” doesn’t apply when we refuse to accept that something can “never heal.”  Is only a full and complete recovery considered miraculous or can we accept any improvement in the face of a bleak diagnosis as a miracle?  I believe we can.

Absolute negative statements, “never” ”can’t” “won’t” create roadblocks to the healing process.  “Oh, the reason I can’t do that is because my ankle is damaged beyond repair.”  “Oh, don’t bother trying to help my back, because my doctor told me it will always hurt because of the degeneration of my discs.”

Lately, my once optimistic student has hopelessly referred to her ankle as destroyed, often citing the daunting words of her internist, “Well, those ligaments are just completely damaged.”  My fear is that she has forgotten all of her progress and that she will think no matter what we do, there is no hope in healing her ankle, because of this powerfully negative diagnosis.  She is floating in limbo, close to the edge of the Mainstream Medicine Universe!

Today, however, she had a breakthrough!  I think she realized that these two universes can intersect.  She has decided to gratefully accept the knowledge of these facts: Ligaments are not innervated with much blood flow.  They are beautiful bands of tough connective tissue that attach one bone to another bone.  Her ligaments, although damaged, are made of living cells and with the support of surrounding musculature and tissue, her ankle may possibly heal, strengthen and feel more supported.  Her new boots will aid this process and serve as a wonderful biomechanical tool as she continues to visualize those amazing ligaments and muscles lacing her bones together and supporting the rest of her frame.

Why can’t these two universes intersect?  We can appreciate the miraculous science and continuous ongoing research that we’ve been blessed with, and also humbly believe that we aren’t fully aware of the unlimited capabilities the body has to heal.  We don’t fully know the depths of space or the sea and all of the miraculous magic that may be, and similarly we don’t fully know the depths of the harmonious pandemonium within our bodies.

One of my teachers, Kelly Kane, told me that the body is chaos.  I understood this as the body being made up of so many elements: physical, visceral and nervous systems, mind and thought, emotion and spiritual energetic energy.  Complete and beautiful chaos.  It seems, therefore, irrational and somewhat narrow-minded to believe that there are only specific or absolute formulas or diagnoses that apply to every single one of us.

A universe of magical chaos.  Why not explore it and believe that within the harmonious pandemonium of the human body, there is an endless amount of healing power yet to be discovered?