I will be hosting the first anatomy workshop at hOm Yoga in Laguna Beach Saturday, December 10th. 

All of the information is listed below and the workshop, as it is the first, is being offered at a low rate. The space is limited, so please let me know if you are interested!

This course is geared towards yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, bodywork practitioners and serious students looking to deepen their anatomical knowledge.

In-Depth Functional Anatomy

This course explores musculoskeletal anatomy and basic kinesiology principles—emphasizing the trunk, hip and shoulder girdle—as they relate to the teaching and practice of Pilates, yoga asana, and bodywork.  We will learn to palpate muscles, bones, and ligaments on one another, as well as hands-on postural assessment techniques. We will hone our eyes as we observe each other in movement or asana, as to appreciate the anatomical model in a 3-dimensional form, examining the way muscles shorten, lengthen, and stabilize joints. Issues such as core stability, common tension patterns, the body as a weight-bearing structure counteracting gravity, correct alignment, and injury prevention/recovery are addressed and investigated. This course will give you the tools needed to deepen your yoga practice and teach your students on a more intrinsic level with more advanced anatomical awareness, hands-on palpation skills and a keener eye.

Recommended Reading – Anatomy of Movement (Please bring it along if you have it)

Part One: Pelvic Girdle and the Lower Spinal Column

Saturday December 10th    10 am-2:30 pm   $45

Part Two: Shoulder Girdle and Upper Spinal Column   

TBA    $45

Please email me to register.