We are not promised one day of our life. Each comes as a gift. Every waking is something of a surprise. Sometimes we wake to clouds and rain. Sometimes it rains for days. We may hesitate to play under heavy clouds, but those darker days are no less gifts than the sunny ones. Water and light are both elemental graces. I’ll welcome the rain today, and roll with the thunder, but I must admit I prefer the blazing sun!  Gil Hedley

Gil! I totally hear you!  Labor Day evening hit me hard.  The last week was filled with beautiful swell and sunny weather.  I am not sure if the sand or water was more filled with people at Malibu Pier.  The beach was pumping with sustaining swell, high energy and social activity.  Last night I drove up to Malibu again with a girlfriend happy to surf much smaller waves with much less of a crowd.  We definitely had a lovely night, but the evening felt a little blue.  The same energy had diminished, the air was chilly and the end of a long weekend hit us.  We lamented the end of bright warm summer nights…

As always, when something ends, another something begins.  So, even though it isn’t raining here and is a beautiful sunny day, I will await and welcome the crispness of fall, a time to cleanse and ground.  I will be grateful for the new work that will flow in, the cooler weather and even waking up in the dark on those short winter days.  I don’t have to love this time as much as I adore the summer, but I will practice to appreciate every day and feel blessed to experience every moment.