July Fourth weekend is always a trip, especially in a city, which I always forget, is such a tourist attraction.  The start of summer accompanied by the long awaited warm weather enticed the masses out to Venice and Santa Monica Beach, urging everyone to play all day and dance all night.

I was enticed as well and found myself immersed in social gatherings, chatting in coffee shops, playing in the ocean, dancing at dusk, meeting many new people, and engaging in deep conversations.  This all led to limited hours of sleep, which pushed my physical body to the point of deep fatigue and I developed laryngitis.  I continued to push myself through the week and found myself exhausted this afternoon on every level.  My body was tired, and my mind was spinning with the still lingering frenetic energy of the weekend….

I know that I am not alone.  I know that there are many of you feeling the same way and that this often happens during times of anxiety, stress and excitement.

This afternoon I realized that the only way to come back down to earth and to find my voice again was to be quiet.

So, after my day was done I made myself comfortable and sat for several minutes.  I didn’t even need to sit for a very long meditation to sink back into the parts of myself that seemed to have drifted away with the excitement of the weekend.

I sometimes forget that silence is the best tool of all.  When I have unanswered questions, a busy brain or feel like my body is disconnected from my mind it is best to sit quietly if even for just a few minutes.  The breath becomes more audible and my truest self more tangible.  After sitting and breathing quietly, I began to feel grounded again… and that my long lost voice was gently finding its way back to me…

Prayer within breath is silence
Love within Infinity is silence
Wisdom without words is silence
Compassion without aim is silence
Action without a doer is silence
Smiling with all existence is silence

Only silence is complete.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar