tool·box (tlbks)

1. A case for carrying or storing tools.
2. Computer Science – A set of precompiled routines for use in writing new programs


A body toolbox is much the same…  An [imaginary] case for storing body tools and precompiled routines for use in healing the body.

It is wonderful that we all hit up our weekly yoga classes held by our favorite teachers and attend our private bodywork sessions and monthly naturopathic appointments.  All of these become even more beneficial if the insight, information and tools that we bring away with us are stored in our “body tool box” to be taken out and actually used in our daily lives.

We take our cars in for routine tune-ups and the mechanic uses learned techniques and tools to restore the car’s engine. In the same way, we must routinely care for our bodies, taking a moment to focus on ourselves when we feel it is time for a body tune-up.  Rather than waiting to take your body into your yoga class or private Pilates session to be tuned up by your body mechanic, dig around in the toolbox that your instructor has filled for you in past sessions. It’s always accessible, because it’s stored right in your mind!  If your back is achy, release your glutes with tennis balls.  If you are experiencing achy knees, roll out those IT bands and stretch your possibly tight calves.  Use all of the tools you have been given through all of the years of your practice.

Being completely dependent on our teachers to keep us moving slows our progress, so we must make the effort to be pro-active, applying what we’ve learned in class when we’re not in class.

Start digging around in your toolbox and if you feel it is a little empty, consult with your yoga teacher, Pilates Instructor or bodyworker and ask her to help you fill it!