I love when it rains!  It is raining today and through the weekend in Santa Monica, so you may be inclined, as I am, to stay inside and watch reruns of I Love Lucy, order Thai take-out or…. do a little bodywork…

If you choose the latter, and I hope that you do, I have posted another video to assist you.  It is short, sweet and a great review on how to deeply and appropriately engage your abdomen in prep for more advanced abdominal work or for a deep yoga or Pilates practice.  It is also great if you have never thought of engaging your sweet core muscles, and want to now learn, tone up, better your posture, decrease low back pain and feel connected to the center of your body.

Enjoy the rain and enjoy your abs!

In this first segment of a series of 3 you will learn to properly engage the abdomen, while learning to differentiate movement between your hip joints from your spinal and pelvic joints.  This basic tool will stabilize, strengthen and give health to your spine!  Once you have mastered this segment, you can look forward to moving onto the Intermediate Abdominal Series. (Coming soon!)

Please note:  If you are experiencing low back pain or have an acute injury, please consult with a doctor or physiotherapist prior to performing this sequence.  It may also help to go over some of this work with a private instructor.  If you have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, please keep the head down, eliminating the chest lift (Cervical & Thoracic flexion).  (You may also place a pillow or book under the head if the neck is tight and chin is higher than your nose while lying down.)