This is the first of a few short videos I filmed for (which I don’t think is up and running quite yet.)  All of the sequences are no longer than 10 minutes and are quite handy if you need a quick pick-me up or if you need a little extra instruction during your home exercise program.

In this sequence we will gently stretch your hamstrings, inner thighs & lateral hip muscles to create space in your hip joints and your lumbar spine.  These muscle groups which propel us through activity and tend to tighten as we sit all day are quite often responsible for low back pain and achy hip joints.  Trying this series may give you some relief if you are experiencing discomfort in these areas.  It is also a wonderful way to balance your body after a walk, hike, surf or run and is appropriate for the stretching newbie or the advanced practitioner looking to deepen his/her awareness.  Enjoy!

My student in the video is the lovely & brilliant bodyworker/yoga mentor, Sarah Reese.  Thanks Sarah!

Please note that if you have been diagnosed with an injury, are in an acute stage of injury or are experiencing frequent pain it is best to seek the undivided attention of a professional rather than practicing from this video.