Death is a rite of passage, just as is birth.  In the west, we celebrate birth and mourn death.

I think that the moment someone exits this lifetime there is great relief, just as there is great relief during birth, although we tend to mourn death and celebrate birth.

When we are born, our mothers struggle with breath, pushing, holding and wincing.  Finally, we are born and we feel relieved to breathe, to move and to scream.  Our mothers feel relieved.  Tears begin to dry, sweat disappears, and laughter and unconditional love replace them.  The family celebrates this passage.

When we die our families struggle with the loss and we struggle with breath, pushing death away, holding onto life.  When we do finally pass, peace shrouds our faces.  The struggle disappears with the breath.  We pass with relief and peace.  Our families’ feelings are saturated with grief.  Tears fill smile lines and this passage is mourned.

Mourning is as important as celebrating.  Celebrating is as important as mourning.
Every passage and transition is beautiful and relieving in some way and no matter how difficult, it is so important to see all aspects, so that we can grieve appropriately, celebrate accordingly and move on peacefully.

Posted in loving memory of my godfather, my sweet Uncle Bob.