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When we step into our Pilates classes, massage sessions or yoga practices, we look to our teachers to give us tools to strengthen our bodies, minds and spirits.  These teachers have studied about movement and the body and give us this information to apply to ourselves.  Even when we are injured or hurt these same teachers give us tools and help us heal and grow, and at the end of the day, no matter how much more these teachers know about anatomy, yoga sutras and rehabilitation, it is we who know best about our bodies.  I know my body more than anyone and you know your body more than anyone.  When we trust our intuition and listen to ourselves, that simple feeling of empowerment also helps us heal.

Doctors should do the same.  They should be our teachers, educate us about all they know, so we can then make informed decisions about OUR bodies and lives.  There are wonderful doctors who work this way, and although I have yet to do a study, I am sure they must have higher healing rates.  (I define ‘healing’ as the cure of a disease or disorder, not the masking of a symptom.)  These doctors have integrity, strong informed opinions with a humble approach and know that their patients opinions are of utmost importance.  These doctors will look at all of your options and do not feel threatened by non-traditional approaches, but welcome and work with these approaches.  Their goal for you as a patient is deep healing, not symptom management.  These doctors work preventatively to get you feeling healthy and empowered and will avoid invasive procedures and prescription drugs unless absolutely necessary.  I know these doctors exist, because I work with and know these doctors and their patients.  I encourage you to do the same.  Dig a little deeper, interview your doctors and find a community of health practitioners who listen to you, educate and empower you to HEAL.

This video is a must-see.  It gives us all the more reason to dig a little deeper and trust ourselves much more when it comes to our health.

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