Pain, no matter what type, roots deeply from somewhere.  We can go on for days, weeks, months, years and lifetimes with deep physical or emotional pain and never really get to the root of it.  I think this is because getting to the root of it is just as painful, if not more painful than the actual symptoms.

I know that if we do get to the root of it, embrace it, and move through it, light is there on the other side.  We may slip back, regress, and continue to feel more residual pain, but knowing and remembering that there is light will push us through the challenging moments.

This is everything but easy.  There are boundaries and rules that we must follow as to not slip back into old habits that do not serve us.  We must push ourselves in uncomfortable ways and change lifestyle habits that we fear to lose.  In this process we must be patient, gentle and give ourselves a sufficient amount of time to heal. There really are no quick fixes in life.

Whether this process be creating new patterns via postural adjustments, uncomfortable stretches, new and different yoga poses, or new thinking patterns;  we have to let something or many things go to move on, to move deeper and closer to living truthfully and with integrity in our bodies.

So, yes… Time does heal all wounds, but with acceptance, patience, dedication, strength and most importantly….letting go.